Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Random Things about Our Family

I thought I would list "25 Random Things" about my family as an introduction to this blog. I have seen this done on Facebook, MySpace, and other blogs. So I'm being a copycat and thought it would be a great way to introduce my nutty family.

This quote summarizes our family pretty well: " Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts." Well that's us, and here are the 25 Random Things about our family:

1. We like to make each other laugh 2. We are movie buffs

3. Moe (my teenage son) and I like comedies, Hubby (my husband) tolerates them.

4. When Hubby and Moe used to played catch at the baseball field, I was the SUCKER that ran after the balls.

5. After church on Sundays, we eat dessert BEFORE the main meal and then eat dessert AFTER the main meal.

6. Hubby and I like to read, Moe glances at books. How he gets good grades in English, I will never know.

7. Hubby does a great chicken dance and does a good impression of a ballet dancer. For some reason the camera is never around during those moments.

8. One sure way to get Moe to laugh is for me to sing to him.

9. After witnessing his parents act silly, Moe looked at me hopefully and asked if he was adopted. He's not.

10. We love working out at the gym...eventually the physical results will show

11. Breakfast is our favorite meal.

12. We love watching superhero cartoons.

13. Moe adores all his Grandmas.

14. Hubby likes to watch chick flicks - "The Notebook" is his favorite.

15. We pray together

16. We read scriptures together

17. I have several different types of laughter, depending on the level of humor.

18. Moe is a great host. One time, he asked me in front of guests, "Mom, did you offer them anything to drink?" He was 9.

19. We love hugs and kisses (Since Moe became a teenager he tolerates them, he's slowly warming up to them again.)

20. We love Musicals. Moe's all time favorite is "Cats" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

21. We used to have a Karoake Machine until it mysteriously disapeared. I guess someone didn't want to hear me sing.

22. We love to dance.

23. Hubby and Moe can sing very well, especially when they're singing together. Sadly, I only hum.

24. Hubby makes a mean barbecue.

25. We love each other very much even during the bad days.

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