Friday, May 1, 2009

To Blog or Not

On Mama Kat's writing workshop, the writing prompts are:

4.) Have you thought about shutting down your blog? Why haven't you and what would cause you to make that decision final?

I have read on Jenner's latest post that the average life span of a blog is 6 months. I believe that is when 'Bloggers Burn Out' tends to set in. I started to feel that after having my blog for only two months!

It's time for me to refocus on why I started to blog. I love writing! I developed a love for writing at a very young age. I loved writing stories and I think I was one of the very few students in high school that loved the essay writing assignments, I thrived on them!

I love getting comments, I love visiting other blogs and I love the bloggy friends I have made. Those are just awesome benefits!

However, I am losing sight of the bigger picture. I am spending waaay too much time visiting other sites and not enough time getting my manuscripts out there, which is very time consuming. Starting a blog was a way for me to improve my writing skills, finding ways to become creative and of course, showing off my awesome family!

The past two weeks, I have actually considered shutting down the blog to concentrate on writing more children's books, but realized that the only reason why I have gone back to re-visiting my dream of becoming a published author is because of this blog! I started to let the dream go, until I started blogging.

The creative juices started working, the writers bug started biting again, and the passion for writing was reignited. I know I still need a lot of improvement in the writing department, but for the very first time, I'm starting to believe that I'm a really good writer! Whether you disagree or not, it feels good to finally have some confidence and I owe all of that to blogging!

In order for me to realize that dream of becoming a full fledged author, (and who knows if I'll ever be published, but I'll never know if I don't try, right?) I will be posting only two or three times a week and will do my best to visit your blogs as often as I can.

Reading blogs have become a great addiction, but it's starting to become more of an obsession. You know you are reading way too many blogs when your husband has something important to tell you and you tell him, "Shhhhhh. Can't you see I'm reading what Mother Goose has to say?"

I'll still be blogging, reading, commenting, but it will have to be after I pay attention to Renaissance Man, Moe, laundry, cooking, cleaning, eating, exercising, running errands, and yes, searching for a publisher!


septembermom said...

Blogging has been a great venue for me to start writing again too. I know that you are going to be a published writer some day. You have such a creative spirit and talent. I also have to be careful that blogging doesn't push my regular household and family duties down my priority list. Connecting with wonderful people like you has helped me in countless ways, personally and creatively. That's why I'll continue to blog (when I can).

Suzanne said...

I know what you mean about blogging! I quit mine about a year ago and then started up again. I plan to spend less time on the computer period when school is out. I post as a "journal." So I'm just going to do major things during the summer we want to remember. You are a talented writer! Good luck on getting published! YOU CAN DO IT!

Wendy said...

i know what you mean how blogging can take over your life! if i dont visit for one day all of a sudden i have so much to read! I keep blogging because it really has helped me with my weightloss in countless ways. all of the comments on how i am doing a great job really keep me going, all the new recipes and ideas out there help me stay on track. you are one of the people that inspire me to do better. i love reading your blog and you are a wonderful writer. i enjoy your stories very much! but i do understand that motherhood and wifehood, and following your dream do come first!

Jenners said...

Amen Sister! Amen! Here's to focusing on our writing! Here's to building our confidence! Here's to enjoying our blogging buddies but not losing sight of our "real life." Here's to finding balance -- with blogging as part of it! As you know, I share your views 100%!

Southern Sage said...

Well good luck on getting published!!

T said...

had to pop by from Shelle's shout outs - glad I did!

I think that blogging has given me the writing outlet that I forgot I loved so much - still not sure I'll ever write a whole book... but maybe I'll get there.

That said - I have bailed on one of my blogs - it turned out to be too much work to get it flying... besides, being on 3 other blogs keeps me plenty busy - especially considering the OTHER time I spend just reading and commenting :)

Melinda said...

I like your perspective, blogging is fun and totally addictive, but you have to find a balance! Love what you said, hopefully you'll be published soon!

Sassy said...

Balance!!!!!!!!!! That's the problem....I love blogging and sadly even Facebook has been great to reconnect with old friends...sadly because that adds more time into the fun on this little box that DOES take me away from what is home and family...I have sooooo many unfinished projects that I could be in finishing and then I worry I will upset someone if I don't leave a comment on their blog....because I sometimes get upset when I see that someone has visited but didn't write a word that they were there...NOT GOOD! Balance is seriously the word....opposition in ALL are such a great writer and you make me laugh out don't quit please...but I do feel your pain...I can't imagine being a young mom and wanting to blog all the time...I cause grief and arguments from wanting to blog and like you shush someone so I can think to write a post or read someone's post and my youngest is almost 18...♥ ya and I don't even know ya!

Heatherlyn said...

Just remind yourself that you don't have to post everyday. Just as often as you feel like it.

I really love getting to know bloggers. I think people are just interesting anyway so I don't think I'd ever quit my blog because I love the different perspective and a little view into the lives of other people. I find a lot of balance that way. :)

But, I did change my URL.

My new URL is

I'm not sure if you have to refollow the blog or just change the URL when you manage the blogs you follow. I hope it's not terribly complicated!

You know, I follow your blog. I'd be sad if it ever just disappeared!

Mother Goose said...

awe, i love ya!! Ok, i was way into blogging for a full year and then I got hooked on comments and the need to have comments.

Now, I am back into perspective. My goal was never to be a writer. As you can tell by the verbal puke I spew out on my own blog.

My children motivate me and keep me going. They BEG for me to blog something new each day about our lives. (I like that they love our blog, I like that they like what they read) but with running a house, now being a semi single parent, working part time and running 3 out of 4 kids to activities. It is VERY HARD! Lucky for me, I am an insomniac and live on 4 to 5 hours sleep. The days I get 3 hours sleep I am a B!

I also am a flylady graduate. I have been doing her for almost 10 years. My entire family are flybabies.If I fall off the wagon I get strict again. But, I have implemented my own cleaning habits which really work, well. I am a drill sergeant.

Yes, I thought about keeping my privates private. Very recently. I was going to make my final decision in May.

This is why. I don't mind strangers reading our blog. I mind ward members reading my blog. They read faithfully. yet they can't leave a commment. They don't even talk to me at church. It's like I'm their dirty little secret or something. I wish I could block certain people from reading my blog. Also, I have tons of family members who read my blog say nothing.

I have resolved to WHO CARES! I don't blog for anyone but myself and our children. The entire purpose was to journal. I am in the process of printing my second blurb book. The first one came out great! you can have a looksy. There is a badge on my blog page to preview the book. I printed 3 months for 2007, my full year blog is being printed as we speak, for 2008. You can select what posts you want printed or don't. I chose not to post the give aways or the tags.

I used to think I had to follow everyone who chose to follow me.

I used to think I had to leave each of them a comment. Now, I just comment on blogs I want to comment on. I don't read any blog that I wouldn't comment on. I'm not a lurker. I just don't roll that way.
Some people just want to read. I'm ok with that, now. However, if they never EVER leave me a comment then I don't feel it necessary to do the same. That would be a ONE way relationship and Lord knows I have enough of those relationships in real life.

I am ok with you going private. You are allowed up to 100 invites! I just better be one of your 100 and in fact, I better make your top 10! If not the top 3!!! for realz!
I keep seeing Sage around! I think he's stalking me! ;0)

Life with Kaishon said...

This was such a nice post! I am glad your creative juices are flowing again : ). I hope that your blog will help you accomplish your goals. It is always so nice to visit you! I totally understand what you mean about taking up SO much time can get a little crazy!

Stacey said...

I hope that you stick to it in some capacity, but I understand how it can hinder you from getting on with real life. It does become an obsession and even worse, you can experience guilt for not updating your own or not commenting on others- and really, us Moms have enough opportunities to feel guilty in real life, let alone in the virtual one!

Karen (KayKay) said...

I think you are doing the right thing. It's hard to keep up with everything. Write when you have something to say. Read when you have time. Blogging and reading blogs can definitely become addictive. Good luck and I think you are a wonderful writer.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I am not at the point yet where I am considering ending it. I enjoy writing. I enjoy photography. And I enjoy documenting my children's lives. If anything..... they will be able to read how crazy their mother really is!

But if it was a matter of safety and spooky people, I would definitely consider it right away

Homer and Queen said...

I blog for sanity...I haven't been doing it very long and I am certainly not a good writer and I do have a facination with the exclamation point! Does that mean I yell alot? Anyway, I enjoyed your post!

Michelle said...

Yes, it can be a bit much've got your priorities right...except that exercising thing. What's up with that.