Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Learning to listen and other things

I have really missed my bloggy friends and I know I've been M.I.A lately. Renaissance Man misses me writing on my blog too! He said, "I miss reading your posts....and I miss your bloggy friends." Isn't that sweet? (I still think he should start his own blog, but he's put that project in the back burner for now.)

Though school has started, I have been taking seminars on "How to prepare your teenager for the S.A.T's" & "How to get your teenager prepared for college" & "How to spice up the bed"...oops, won't talk about that seminar! Moe has been in school for almost a month and surprisingly my schedule is still busy. I do plan to relax by the end of this week so I can catch up and read your blogs!

Last week was Moe's "Back to School Night." As I was walking at his high school campus, it occurred to me that this was the last "Back to School Night" for us. That's it. This is the last year of dealing with the attendance office, parent/teacher conferences, carpooling, making school lunches, receiving report cards, and high school dances. And I'm not ready for any of that to end....well, except for lunches, they're a pain to make!

I also can't help but wonder, if I have done everything I could to prepare him for the world outside of high school & home. Have I sheltered him too much? Have I taught him enough gospel principles to sustain him during trying times? Does he know that he should NEVER EVER mix whites with colors? I've taught him those things, but will he remember? Is it ever enough? What else does he need to know?

I'm determined to make this a memorable year for him. Along the way I've forgotten that quantity time doesn't equal quality time. When Moe wants to talk to me even when it's past 10pm and my eyes are ready to shut, I pinch myself hard so I can stay awake and listen to him. When Moe is upset and starts to rant and rave, I'll listen instead of trying to solve his problems for him. I'll stop trying to always be right just because I'm the mom. Sometimes I'm not right and that's hard for me to swallow.

I'm going to stop tearing up every time Moe talks excitedly about leaving for college. I need to "man up" and LISTEN. For my son's last year at home, I am determined to do more listening and less talking.

And I'm not ready for him to leave home. I'll never be ready.

On a lighter note, I discovered this website that's called "yearbook yourself" & was trying on a few looks for a new blog profile picture. What do you think?

I call this the "ultra hip cool mom" picture!

This is the "PTA Mom" of the year look.

And this is my favorite. Since I have curly hair, I have never been able to have my hair look like this. I've always wanted this hairstyle even when it went out of style. I call this the "Charlie Angels Wings look."

I debated whether to have the majority take a poll on which picture I should use for my profile and decided against it. I've always wanted wings, so I took on the "Charlie Angels" look. Have a great week everyone & I look forward to reading your blogs later this week!


Stephanie said...

2 great minds think alike. I would have chosen Charles Angels for you too! Welcome back to the blogging world. I missed you.

Beth said...

We've missed you! In preparing your child for the SAT, I totally recommend a book called "SAT Words and How to Never Forget Them." My sons and step-daughters significantly improved their vocabulary skills - and I did, too, because I MADE them learn the words.

Love the pictures!

Tammy said...

You're right on the money...in the end he won't remember the lunches you packed, the parent teacher conferences, preparing for the SAT's. What he will remember is that you were there!!! Enjoy his last year!!!

Emmett losing weight said...

I hated the SAT's, took a class that made a big difference. The bed is always a fun topic, lol.

Emmett said...

I know for myself, I tend to talk too much and I am working on listening more. Its an important skill but not easy. Love the old pics!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Karen (KayKay) said...

That senior year is so hard - on the parent. All the testing and the college visiting and the applications and photos...etc. But what's mostly hard is watching your child chomping at the bit to leave you!!

I've already graduated one senior and now my middle child is a senior so I'll be right there with you - trying and trying to just listen.

(I've already cried a couple of times - but I don't want her to know that.)

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I love the Charlies Angels do. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the PTA Mom do either....I just realized my new haircut looks a LOT like that! I'd better make an appt. today to remedy that!
Have a great day~

septembermom said...

I miss you too! Moe knows that he has the best mom in the world:) You're so thoughtful and concerned for him. Love the Charlie Angel's picture too!

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

I know, busy busy.. you are such a great mom!

things will slow down soon ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so funny :) with your yearbook yourself pictures!

I can't imagine Kaish leaving for college. I tear up when I read about Moe getting ready to go. MAN!

You are the best mom to wake up at 10 and listen. Sometimes Gary tries to talk to me when I am falling asleep and I always tell him to leave me alone... I know, I know, SO not a good wife : )

Yaya said...

Like everyone else in life he'll learn the don't mix whites with colors thing the hard way.....;)

Heatherlyn said...

Listening to kids can be really draining because they don't always talk about things that are super interesting to us as parents. Or maybe that is just me. But I know how important it was for me to have my Mom listen, endlessly. Bless her patience. You are wise to realize that these moments won't last. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. Time flies!!! Senior year. Wow. Don't Blink!!!!

I like the Farrah hair. I think the only reason it went out of style is because so few people could actually get their hair to look like that!

Sassy said...

tooooooo funny...your last one I have used as my facebook pic for a while...just changed it....this is such a fun thing to do.....