Friday, December 4, 2009

Catching up

It feels like it was only yesterday that I complained about the hot weather and tried to find inexpensive ways to stay cool rather than dropping the temperature on the air conditioner. Now, I'm bundled up in a blanket and debating whether I should raise the temperature of our heater.

And has it really been a month since the last time I posted???? It seems like time sped up and I'm still trying to catch up. So, what has our family been doing since I last posted? Here's a review:

Moe was in charge of putting together the Scouts Court of Honor. He did a great job in organizing the program and conducted the program which was held on Thursday November 12th at the Mormon Center. A Court of Honor is a great Scouts tradition in which scouts are awarded rank advancements, a patrol flag ceremony is performed, and parents are able to see some of the leadership qualities that their son developed in Scouts.

Moe was nervous in the beginning, but as the evening progressed, he became more relaxed and also managed to crack a few jokes in the process- which were actually funny!

Moe was awarded his Life Rank and I received this gorgeous heart shaped pin. When a Scout advances and is awarded a badge, the mother of the scout also gets a Scout pin. Renaissance Man thinks the fathers gets short changed, since they don't get anything except a smile and a handshake.

After I received my pin, I was ready to go back to my seat and surprisingly, Moe reached over and gave me a hug. I'm not used to getting hugs in public from Moe, so this was a big deal!

RM tried to reach over and give Moe a hug too and instead RM received a pat on the back and a handshake. I told RM not to take it personally: Moe already fulfilled his public hug quota for the night.

I am truly grateful that Moe has great Scouts leaders. These are just some of the Scout leaders who have helped Moe, and will continue to help him to achieving his Eagle Rank. Moe's Scouts leaders have been awesome!

It was a memorable night. We're proud that Moe displayed great leadership skills that evening.


Last year I went to the midnight premier of Twilight and had so much fun, decided to watch another midnight premier of New Moon this year! I went with the same group of friends this year though the numbers did dwindle by half. Only the strongest or insane, (probably both) that are able to be at the theatre by 6:30pm and wait several hours for the movie to show....though the waiting is all part of the fun.

We purchased our tickets two months before the movie premier and were able to get seated into the theatre right away. We smuggled in our dinner and movie snacks while playing Twilight trivia along with other movie goers that didn't belong to our group. It was close to 3am by the time I got home. I crawled into bed and willed myself to dream of a certain vampire, but it's hard to dream when you hear RM snoring away.

Since September of this year our Friday nights have been busy with high school football and while the season is over for most high school football teams....Moe is still playing football!

Moe's football team is in the semi-finals playoff-the first time his high school has been able to get this far in 20 years! They won the Delta River League Championship and the winner of tonight's game determines who goes into the Section championship game next week.

This season has been without injuries. Football is a brutal sport and when you have a long season like Moe's team there are bound to be a few dislocated shoulders, sprains, muscle strain and bone fractures. Moe has been in physical therapy for the past few weeks for a muscle strain, but has still been able to play. (Moe is one of the two players on top of this pile-up)

Moe's team has had a phenomenal season, with only one loss. Moe was named "All League Defensive Lineman" and was named Best Defensive Lineman for two games in a row.

Tonight is a big game against Del Oro. The school is expecting close to 5,000 people attending the game. RM and I plan to arrive at the stadium an hour before kick-off.

I would love for our team to win and go into the championship round, but as I look back at the beginning of
this season- I remember how much I wanted my son to have a great season. That wish has been fulfilled.

Win or lose tonight-those kids are winners. Our son can walk off that field and know he's been a great contributor to his team.

There have also been other things that have happened between these events that have kept me busy, but I won't bore you with those details. Most were good, some not so good, and other events that I wish never occurred, but that's life.

Next week is Renaissance Man's birthday! Come back next week as I blog about that. In the meantime, I hope to catch up on your blogs in the next few days, and have a wonderful weekend!


Kristina P. said...

Congrats to Moe on all his achievement!

septembermom said...

Awesome job Moe! You and Renaissance Man must be so proud. All the pictures are great. You have been busy!! I still have to learn about Twilight. I'm clueless about it. Happy Friday!!

Jenners said...

You should be so proud of Moe ... and you look like you are. I love that the mother of the scout gets recognized too.

And the football photos are pretty cool! Looks like a big deal!

And I love that you did the whole Twilight thing. I wish I had local girlfriends to go with! Sigh ... I love Edward.

Suzanne said...

Congrats to Moe's FB team!! I loved all the pix! It was so fun to catch up on you! My hubby's taking me to see New Moon next week for my b-day! I'm so excited!! It might inspire me to re-read the books Edward is MUCH cuter and dresses a whole lot better!

wendy said...

Well, I was beginning to wonder what you have been up to as I would always check your blog and not see anything.

Good job on the scouts for Moe. You must be so proud and that is a big accomplishment for him.

seriously, my x-husband (and stil dear friend) would have LOVED to coach moe in football. I am so excited about their success this year.

Hopefully you will have a great Christmas season my friend --with more GOOD things and less - not so good things.
isn't that what we all hope for

wendy said...
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Jenn said...

What a great looking family!
So, what did you think of New Moon? I'm impressed that you waited so long to see it - I do love the Twilight series, but not enough to wait 6 hours in the movie theater!

The Crazy Coxes said...

You have been busy!

Congrats to Moe!

Lisa said...

Great moment! i LOVE scouts and church. :) Good to see you post!

Yaya said...

He looks so cute in his uniform!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you got a public hug! And I love seeing Moe as he grows : ) He makes me think of my sweet Kaish : ) I hope he will grow to be a wonderful man like your Moe!

Your football pictures are AWESOME! Look at you Ms. Super STar! : )

I missed you!

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

LOVE those football shots and congrats to your scout! I just had my only son start scouts.. can't wait to post pix like that in about 10 years