Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exercising the stress away

I gained almost 15 pounds while being pregnant, which is not a good thing when I still had some extra weight to lose, and of course, no baby to show for it. And then someone asked me over a week ago, after looking at my stomach, if I was pregnant.

I immediately said, "Nope, I just forgot to suck it in."

That comment was the extra push I needed to haul my butt into the gym. I knew that the best time for me to get into the gym is between 5 & 5:30 am. When you exercise that early, there's nothing that can distract you. You don't have time or the energy to make up excuses not to work out.

After hitting the snooze button a couple of times, I drag myself out of bed with one eye barely opened and the other eye that seems to be glued shut- not a pretty sight. After splashing my face a few times with cold water, change into my work out clothes - I'm ready for a sweaty work out!

The other motivation is my personal trainer and my work out partner.

He's committed.

He's a hard task master.

When I feel like I can't do one more push up, he screams at me and tells me, I'm a pansy.

And then I scream back at him and remind him that I'm his wife.

I've had some work out partners before, but RM is the toughest. He's helped me to run that extra few yards when I feel like quitting. When I grab a 5 lb dumb bell, he gives me the 15 lb dumb bell and tells me that I can lift it- surprisingly he's right.

RM has already lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks and I....don't come close to that.

However, I've worked out with RM for less than 2 weeks and I've already started to see a difference in my attitude, my stress level has gone down, and my jeans are just a tad bit looser.

It feels good to be back into a routine.

This is my favorite new low fat snack. When I want a chocolate fix - I grab Chocolate Goldfish Graham crackers and they're delicious and fixes my need for chocolate right away. Only 50 crackers equals to 150 calories and only 3 grams of fat. You can find them at any Safeway or Target store.


Kristina P. said...


Seriously, I never ask a woman if she is pregnant unless I know for certain she is.

Ashley said...

I completely agree with Kristina. Who asks that question???? I asked it once to a good friend, she told me she wasn't (even thoguh she really was... had the baby like 3 months later. Say what?) But I learned my lesson. Never again. It is the question you just do not ask.

I am blown away at how good you are at going to the gym. I myself do not function at that time of the day, let along get my body workin up a sweat. Keep up the good work!! And thanks for the yummy treat idea. I'll have to pick some up on my next Target run!

Beth said...

I'm with Kristina... never ask a woman if she is pregnant.

Still, I am so proud of you for working out and eating healthier. I'm going to the gym in the morning. I wish I could get my husband to start going.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm with the others!! Are people crazy????

Congrats on your work-out routine. It sounds like it's working for you and it gives you some extra time with RM!

mother goose said...

i would have wanted to say, NO you IDIOT! I just lost my baby! and watch them pull their butt out of their teeth! jerks!

ok, i love those chocolate fish too. I love them even more now that I know they are better for you. LOL

i'm waiting for our move before i do anything drastic like a diet!

Stephanie said...

Whoo hooo!!! You go girl. I'm always impressed by how well you work out. When you put your mind to something, you really do it. In no time you'll be in that swimsuit looing good! And I love your response to that lady's question. I mean seriously how rude is that? You should have asked her if those were gray hairs on her head and if she has colored lately!

natalie said...

I lost my last baby about a week before my sister's wedding, and I had already bought a maternity dress for it since I was already showing. My uterus did not have time to return to its normal size before the wedding, and so I ended up wearing the dress anyway, and everyone was asking me how the baby was and how I was feeling. We hadn't had time to tell anyone that we'd lost it. It was a horrible day!
I'm so sorry she asked you that. Some people have no filter from their brain to their mouth.

Emma said...

Going to the gym in the morning is the best time... but so hard to get up. Funny about your husband making you work harder.

I need to get me some fish!

happy day!

F. McButter Pants said...

I try to be out the door by 5 am so I can get it over with early. That way I know it will get done.

I was so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you are.

I am going to have to try those goldfish

Good to hear from you.

Heatherlyn said...

Oh, my distraction at 5:30am is that I'd still rather be sleeping. :)

My husband has started an exercize routine and kept it up for the last 6 months. It has really helped reduce his stress and he's healthier too.

I think a husband is a wonderful work-out buddy!!!!!

You can do it!!! If you keep it up you'll feel better and see results in time. And you'll be stronger for the rest of your life!!!!

Jenners said...

Good for you! And it does help to have a workout buddy who will push you a little bit!

And those chocolate Goldfish are great .. if I could just limit myself to the serving size.

And men do lose weight faster than women ... just so you know.

septembermom said...

I have to try those goldfish. I always need my chocolate fix. You go Heather! I know that you'll do it.

Jenn said...

I love that RM is working out with you! Sounds like he's really pushing you that extra bit. I wish I could work out with my hubby, too...

Tristi Pinkston said...

Wow ... getting up at 5 am ... that takes courage. :)

wendy said...

Who needs Biggest Looser when you have RM
I miss going to the gym. Never thought I'd say that. but I have gained so much weight since I got married. I can't stand it.
I will be glad to get out and WALK alot alot alot
and my horse back riding lessons are a good leg workout believe it or not as you really have to tighten you legs to the horse so he know the cues you are giving him

so keep it up and GOOD FOR YOU GIRL

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I think I am gearing up to working out that early. Then, like you said, no excuses. The sacrifice makes it worth it.

My hubby and I have been working out together for the past month and it's nice to have that extra motivation when I want to skip a day. Way to go getting back into it.

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

I hate when people asked that question... agh.....

but I totally admire you. I know how hard it is and can't wait to hear about your progress!