Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hubby's New Name!

Hubby needed a new name. Something original. Hubby sounded sooo booooring. And he's far from being a BORING person. Besides, almost EVERYONE in Blog land calls their husband Hubby. Not very original. Hubby needed to have a unique Blog pseudo name.

Of course, I don't want to use his real name, I'm really paranoid like that. You never know if someone wants to track him down and see his gorgeousness and then kidnap him. (is that cheesy enough for you?) Besides, his real name is kind of boring too. (I don't know what his parents were thinking!) I was actually going to ask you in Blog Land to help me give Hubby a new name. As I was writing this post and putting together the pictures, a light bulb came on and I came up with a name that I love! Here's a mini picture story of my husband formerly known as "Hubby."

He's a big fashion plate. He's constantly on the cutting edge of fashion. Whether it's a 4 foot leg mold over his head or a simple baseball hat.

Hubby's really good at finding multiple uses for every day objects. For instance, he's using this leg mold as a back scratcher.

Hubby loves his son. Really he does...just ignore the fact that he's "choking" him.

This is Hubby's "You're a crazy woman, but I love you anyway" look. I always feel so loved when he looks at me like that.

He's a free lovin, kind, funny, passionate, hard working and confident man that is constantly reinventing himself. Hence his new name...Renaissance Man. RM for short. Now isn't that better than Hubby?


septembermom said...

What a sweet post! I love the name. I think it's original and works well considering the many talents you described :) I should think of a new blog reference for my hubby. You're right, everyone uses that one :)

CDB said...

I love the new name! It's excellent.. seems to be fitting, even with the leg cast (??) on his head!

Jenners said...

What a funny post! And RM is perfect! And matches your name too!

H.K. said...

septmom- I can't wait to see what name you give for your hubby!

CDB- I love his new name too! I think I'll enlarge the picture of him with the leg cast over his head, excpet I don't think he'll let me hang it anywhere!

Jenners- That was never my intention to match, but I'm glad it does! said...

You are a beautiful lady. I sure enjoyed my visit to your sites. Hope all is well.
Thanks again.

Mother Goose said...

you two are so cute together and I love the new name.