Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prom Mayhem

Moe's prom is 2 weeks away and he's in a frenzy. So many decisions for a 17 year old to make:

There are tickets to be purchased.

A tux to be rented. He wants pin stripes on his tuxedo. Big ugly long ones. The kind that Al Capone and his gang used to wear. Moe thinks its "classy." We say it's tacky. We're paying, so we come to a compromise.

Does he go on the party bus where most of his friends are on, but his date can't stand one of the girls that will be on the bus? Or should he be a gracious guy and go on the limo that has fewer of his friends and where his date gets along with everyone?

Moe wants to surprise his date with a gift for going to the prom with him. He's waffling between roses, candy, or heart shaped cookies. I tell him to choose the cheapest one!

There are corsages to choose from. Moe wants to make sure that it matches his dates dress. That's sweet, a little nauseating, but sweet.

The prom is bittersweet. It's fun to see my son get excited and flustered for an occasion that will last for only a few hours, but memories that will last much longer. And the prom is also another reminder that he's home for only one more year and he's off to college. My "little boy" is growing up!


septembermom said...

Wow, prom is a big deal! I didn't go to mine so I guess I'll live vicariously through my children's :)Moe is a true gentleman when he wants his prom date to have a perfect prom. How sweet!! Please post pictures of your handsome boy on that special day!

Jennifer P. said...

I've only got 6 more years till I'm having this dilemma. *sigh*. I hope he has a wonderful time--his date sure sounds lucky to have him!

Thanks for reading and for the kind compliment!

Jenners said...

Wow ... I knew it was a big deal for girls but didn't quite see it from the boy's perspective! I love that he cares so much about everything! And I think any girl would love a rose. Just so classy and romantic ... unless he is just going with a friend. Then I would go with cookies or candy.

I'm sure he'll look AMAZING!

CDB said...

Ack! It's so bizarre to think about my "baby" boy getting old enough to go out with a GIRL. She'd better be amazing!