Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Son's friend from Camp

Moe (my teenager) came home excited after spending a day at the local community college. The college hosted a "Career Day" for the high school students. I thought he was excited because he was inspired by some speaker, or saw a career field that he wanted to get into. I was wrong.

"Wow, you look excited! Do you want to share with me what you learned at Career Day?"

"The speakers were pretty boring, I fell asleep."
(of course) "But, I met someone really cool!"

"Oh yeah. Tell me about him." (I always assume it's a guy because if it was a GIRL, he would NEVER mention HER to me.)

"Mom, he is really really cool. We're the same age and we talked about everything! We have A LOT in common!

"You should bring him over the house."

"That's going to be a problem...He's in a juvie camp." (jail) "But, he's such a NICE guy mom. The camp let him and a couple of other guys come to Career Day with one of those police officers."

(At this point, I'm in total shock. I should get the Academy Award for pretending to be calm.)

"What did he go in for?"

"He mugged a few people and a he feels really bad about it." "Do you think we can have him come over for dinner?"

"Ummmm. Sure."

Based on that conversation, there is one more thing I know for sure about my son: He's HONEST with us about his friends. I don't know IF or WHEN Moe's friend will be out of "camp." But if he does, I'll just lock the valuables away...just in case.


septembermom said...

You're so right!! Be glad that he is so honest and comfortable to tell you about who he meets. It sounds like you have a terrific relationship :) You should be proud to raise such a friendly and nonjudgmental son. I'm sure that other boy appreciated Moe's friendliness when so many others probably stay clear of him.

nikkicrumpet said...

You've obviously done something right raising your son, since he feels so comfortable telling you about stuff like this. And I really admire the way you handled it. I would have been flipping out...which explains why my kids would have not said anything to me lol

H.K. said...

septmom & nikkic - Thanks for your compliments on my son. I am really lucky to have an honest and good kid. On the days that I feel like strangling him, I should remember these compliments!