Monday, April 6, 2009

Renaissance Man...The Bed Maker

Renaissance Man and I went to bed after 10pm on Friday night, very tired. We had one of those days where everything went wrong. He had a long day at work and I was dealing with car issues and driving Moe to his various activities. So, we were both looking forward to getting some rest, until Renaissance man saw our bed...

RM: "Where's the bed sheets?" (He has this bewildered look on his face, wish I had a camera!)

Me: "Oops, forgot to put it on!"

RM: "You had ALL DAY to put it on."

Me: "I forgot."

RM: "You always forget." "For as long as I have been married to you, you always wait to the very last minute." We always end up making the bed just when we're getting ready to get to bed!" (He looks really irritated at this point.)

Me: "Oh my gosh, you're right!" (I'm laughing really hard by this point, I find everything funny when I'm tired and because we are ALWAYS making the bed right before we sleep)

RM: "It's not funny, and by the way... you're fired."

Yippee!! I can cross off making beds from off my all I have to do is remind him to do it!

(This is how our bed looked like after we made it.... I wish!)


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LOL...that is ME in a nutshell!!! I always leave things to last minute, but most especially if it's a chore! lol! :)

We both slept on the couch and lovesac the other day because I hadn't cleaned the laundry off the bed! :)

The Crazy Coxes said... planned that didn't you? How long did you have to "forget" to put the sheets on the bed before you finally got fired? I wonder if there are other "chores" you could forget and get fired from as well. I'm thinking about trying it here.

septembermom said...

That has happened in my house many times too! Sometimes when I'm washing the sheets, I leave the mattress exposed all day. To be honest, I'm so tired I could probably plop right down on it to go to sleep. My husband looks at me funny when he doesn't see the sheets:)

the eternal worrier said...

Hey I love that bed. It looks so cosy!

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

ohhhhh you have found the secret oh wise one... do it wrong, drive him batty and he takes the chore!!! very good, next week lesson is the wash on / wash off LMBO

love it! congrats!@

H.K. said...

Shelle- RM has slept on the couch, when the bed has no sheets. I'm not picky, I just get my sleeping bag!

Crazy Cox- Being "forgetful" is very helpful, but I think RM is catching on!

Septmom- So, when do you think you'll get "fired" from making beds?

eternal worrier - I love that bed too...I wish it was mine!

Spasm- I shall divulge more secrets in later posts!

Sally said...

Oh my God! I do the same thing! Matter of fact, tonight the hubby didn't want to help me put the sheets on because he was too tired. So, guess what? We are sleeping in the guest room tonight instead.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I forget to put the sheets on the bed all the time. We sleep in the guest room as much as we do in our bedroom because we are just too tired to put the sheets on! I haven't been fired just yet though...still waiting!
Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Good Luck to you~
Your family is beautiful. I'll come back and read all about you when it isn't so LATE!
Have a terrific Tuesday~

CDB said...

"You're fired"???! Shhhhhheah right! I saw that picture and thought, OMG what a gorgeous bedspread and headboard! Then I was all, Okay, it's some magazine.


The Rookie said...

I am doomed when I get married. I forget all sorts of things. I have the best of intentions but then things just fall apart.

nikkicrumpet said...

What???? are you supposed to make the bed? HUH?

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

That's hilarous. Sometimes by the time I remember the sheets, I'm too tired to put them on so I go sleep in the guest bedroom.

Mother Goose said...

HAHAHA, I think they cloned Mr. Incredible and I with the two of you! or maybe visa versa!

When I do change our bedding I always forget too! and we end up putting our sheets on til the end. Mr. Incredible ends up doing it, if I am downstairs doing more important things like blogging. OOPS!

Sassy said...

Thankfully they were DRY! So your bed could get our home I probably WASHED them and FORGOT all about them until bed....ooops! And soggy sheets are no fun to sleep it puts bedtime off by a little...LOL

It's so much easier to make the bed though with two goes so much faster...I think there is a method to your madness.