Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I see Mice...everywhere!

I hate mice. I hate all types of mice, field mice, house mice, and rats. Mice and rats are in the same category. I apologise in advance if you have mice for a pet. Good for you! Not for me. Small, squeaky, furry things with long skinny tails is SOOO not my type of pet. I will scream like a banshee, cry like a baby, and run as fast as a Gold Medal Olympic Runner. That is how much I hate mice!

We came across some mice as Renaissance Man and I went out for a walk last night. We were minding our own business, when what should appear? A family of mice crossing our path! Yes...there was a daddy, a mommy, and three tiny babies! I stood there like a stupid idiot and just screamed. And what did Renaissance Man do? He laughed! He laughed so hard, it was hard for him to continue to walk!

Since we were still another mile away from home, we were stuck taking the same route. Every where I looked I saw dense bushes and huge trees and lots of tall grass. Perfect places for mice to hide in. I was careful to stay on the sidewalk and thought if I started humming it would prevent the little buggers from coming out.

I guess, the humming worked because the bushes started shaking and rattling and I ran! I didn't care that I left RM behind. Yet, no matter how far I ran, the bushes still rattled. I realized that the mice were following me and I pushed my legs to run like it's never run before! My lungs felt like it was going to burst, my chest was burning, but somehow I managed to keep running until I heard RM shout for me to stop, and then I wondered if he lost his mind because he was laughing so hard.

I slowed just a little bit until he caught up with me. And then he tells me something that made me wonder if I should call a divorce lawyer. He was the one making the bushes rattle! I ran for several blocks because I thought mice were following me, when in fact it was a big 6'2 rat that happens to be my husband!

We have been known to play practical jokes on each other and I give this round to the hubby. But, if I were him I would be careful about going into the shower! (insert evil laughter)

(I was going to post a picture of mice and just couldn't bring myself to do it!)


Heatherlyn said...

That's funny! Once I had a cat somehow get trapped under the hood of my car. When I opened the hood the cat jumped out ... and so did a mouse!

Kristina P. said...

My friend was just at Girl's Camp and said that they could hear something at night, but wasn't sure what it was. When they were packing up the tent they found a whole family of mice underneatht the tent!!

She freaked out. Fortunately, they had been sleeping on cots, but ewwwww.

Sue said...

Be afraid, RM, be very, very afraid!!

Tammy said...

The only good mice are dead mice. As for RM...if I were him I would be afraid.

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

oh myu goodness... thanks for the morning laugh!!! LOL

i'd hit him or make some 'special cookies' for him :) LOL

Michele said...

OMG...that's mean of RM...I hate mice too. My daughter had a hamster once..pretty close to a mouse if you ask me. As long as she didn't bring it out of her room, I was fine...ewwww!


Sally said...

Ooooh. That RM is a dirty rat!

Wendy said...

lol! mice are a little gross! You better get RM good and I want to hear about it!

septembermom said...

I'm glad that you didn't post a picture of mice! I would've freaked out. That RM is a sneaky guy:)

Yaya said...

When hubby & I go running in the early am there are teensy tiny snails everywhere that i try despearately to avoid bit inevitably step on one...wah :(

The Crazy Coxes said...

THAT was funny.
RM might not be afraid of mice, but he should be AFRAID.
I'm kinda with him on this one though. I can't help laughing.

mother goose said...

too funny, just look at it this way, you can thank him for your cardio vascular work out!

Sassy said...

oh my stars!!!! My ♥ would still be pounding....the visual of you running like a crazy woman screaming cracks me mother goose said....there was a workout in that one without even tryin'...yep...if I was the hubby...I'd be lookin' over my shoulder.....too funny!!!!

wendy said...

Yes I hate mice and all rodents!! creepy things. that is kinda funny of you hubby though --sorry, I am laughing as well.
I don't think you need that divorce lawyer, just GET HIM BACK!!
I probably won't be able to check in with you unti September with my move and all and needing HIGH SPEED. crap. I will be missing my Blogger friends.
take care

Kara Herron said...

This was hilarious! I really hate mice too. When we lived back East, we'd find one every once in a while in our house, and my husband (who is an engineer - so maybe he can be forgiven for this) would rig up some elaborate maze with peanut butter at the end and then catch the mouse in a bucket and... ready for this?... let it go outside!? Can you believe that. I'm sure it just came back in the house, because it knew where to get the peanut butter. Yeah.

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caseman1 said...

Your mouse story is too funny! And I love your big rat : ) What a happy family you are!