Monday, September 14, 2009

A look through the years in sports

Have you ever went to some one's home and they bring out the dreaded photo album? You panic because you realize that you have to look through that thick album and pretend to be interested. And when the person looks away, you quickly skip through a few pages and hope that they don't notice.... until they bring another thick photo album for you to look through!

Well, this post is similar to that situation. Now, I'm the person bringing in the thick album for you to look through! Why all the pictures? I want to make a blog book for Moe as a graduation present, so since I've been slacking off with my scrap booking...I'll be posting old and recent pictures and record as many significant events this year that I know Moe would enjoy reading. Blogging is soooo much easier than scrap booking!

Warning: There are tons... many... I mean a whole bunch of pictures to see here. The pictures mean more to me, but who knows you might find them interesting! Enjoy!

Moe went into wrestling in the 8th grade. He was in a new school and very sad to be away from his friends and family. It wasn't baseball season yet, so we signed him up for wrestling...his first time wrestling! We knew the best way for him to beat homesickness and to make new friends was to involve him in wrestling. It worked and he loved it!

Moe's weight put him in a weight class with older boys, so he often wrestled with boys from 9th grade. His weight may have been the same as them, but they were so much taller than him! He looked like a little boy compared to those high school boys.

Moe was an EXTREMELY active little boy. How do you channel all that energy? Sign them up in sports! He was five years old when he played T-ball and continued to play for 9 years. He had a bad experience with a coach when he was 14 years old and it shook up his confidence. Though he plays football, baseball is still his first love. He's going to try out for baseball one more time next spring even though he hasn't played in 3 years!

I am totally being objective when I say this....he was a really good catcher!

Moe's position in baseball has always been catcher or 3rd base. In this particular game, Moe's team was winning and the coach let the kids play positions that they normally don't play. Moe got to shine as a pitcher, his first time! He was 13 years old in this picture.

Look at that intensity!

This is a picture of Moe in his 9th grade football uniform. (He's a big Cal Berkley fan) Moe is only a few inches taller than me here.

Fast forward 3 years and look at how much taller he is than me! I wonder if there's something about wearing a football jersey that prevents you from smiling?

When Moe was shorter than his dad....

Look who's taller now! He'll always be our "little guy".

During his sophomore year, Moe wanted to grow his hair long. Pic taken after a long grueling game.

Despite moving several times and attending 3 different high schools, Moe always ends up with Jersey Number 66! Sophomore action shot.

During his junior year, he attended his third and final high school and got his jersey number 66 again. Moe and a team mate tackling the quarterback!

Moe is a senior and still in the same high school. (no more moving!) He broke through the offensive double team!

The first game of the season was last Thursday and they played at the Aggie Stadium at UC Davis. What a way to kick off the season! And they won!

About 2 weeks ago, we attended Moe's high school football dinner fundraiser. The varsity football players were the servers and they waited on the tables that had their jersey numbers.

We didn't get our son's table and had to sit at table #67. It was a steak dinner and surprisingly very good! The highlight of the evening was the coach introducing all the varsity players. Before the dinner each player is given a questionnaire to fill out. The head coach reads a few of the answers. The answers are often hilarious and gives you an insight to the player behind the uniform. Moe's answers were unique, but hilarious! It's the writer in him!

Now before you exit out of this blog or leave a comment... please wait while I upload another 100 plus pictures for you to look at.


F. McButter Pants said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. What a handsome boy you have.

You're looking skinny. Are you still loosing?

Have a great day.

Kristina P. said...

Your kid is going to kill it in college!

septembermom said...

You have an All American in your house! That's terrific about Moe's interest in sports. Love ALL the photos!! He looked like a Yankee to me. I'm in Yankee mode since I just went to a game. By the way, you look great in the photos too!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Oh my gosh! I love the pictures! Those were awesome! I always like posts like that. Do not let Moe see my post about Garrett's bathroom! ;)

Heatherlyn said...

Actually I found your post really great. I think if more photo albums had commentary that made the pictures meaningful, like your post, that more people would enjoy them!

I loved the pictures where he was shorter and then taller than you guys!

What a good life for a good young man, to be able to be involved in sports!!!

Sassy said...

What a great idea..........and I loved looking at your pic's......our youngest graduates this year as well...great idea....and by the way you LOOK MAUVELOUS DAWLING!

Sally said...

I can take it. Bring it on!

Wendy said...

I had a great time reading about Moe and seeing his pics! thanks for sharing.

natalie said...

Those are some handsome boys!!

Yaya said...


Wow! Look how much he's grown! So handsome!

wendy said...

You guys sure make a gorgeous family. Those were fun photos.
I had so much fun with my 4 sons and all their sports activities. Football was a HUGE part of our lives.
the best times ever, and I really miss them.
So I am glad you are putting this together for Moe as He'll love it.

you are such a cute mom

Jenny said...

Found you off of Merriannes, Healthy Divas. But noticed that your friends with Mother Goose @ Solomon Surprises....Whew now that you Know how I found you.

I enjoyed your photos. My son has not played football, but basketball. He is finally taller than my husband, it has been a fun journey to watch them compare. They sure grow up fast.

Anonymous said...

Just getting caught up on reading your blogs. You are an excellent writer - I always read every word! The pictures are great. That Moe is a lucky guy to have such great supportive parents. Tell him I said so!! ;o)

Sue said...

Anonymous? That's me.....

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

LOVED the opening.. I have never turned pages... never LOLOLOL

loved each picture, thanks for sharing.. he is one handsome boy :)

Life with Kaishon said...

You have the best looking family. And in the picture of the two of you...well, you look so young, like you are Moe's sister and not his Mama : )