Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winning is the best revenge

Last Friday was Moe's Homecoming Football Game and Dance. Moe has been looking forward to playing against this team for a very long time. He used to play for this rival team during his freshman year. Despite doing well during practice time and basically blowing away most of his team mates, it didn't matter to this Freshman Coach. This Coach made up his mind who was going to play and Moe wasn't one of them.

The only time the Freshman Coach let Moe play was during the 5th quarter which we call the "Pity Quarter". During the 5th Quarter, they let the 3rd & 4rth string play from both teams. You may think that's a great concept, but it's humiliating. You're basically telling these boys that they're not good enough to play during regular game time and only good enough for the 5th quarter. And you know what? Most of these boys knew that. Their heart wasn't in it and you could tell by the way they played, including Moe.

At the Freshman football banquet, the coaches acknowledged each player and said something nice about them. When Moe's name was called, the coach had NOTHING nice to say about him. We didn't go to the banquet, but we were told by several of the boys from the team and from the parents what this stupid coach said. I wish I was there because I would have taken that microphone and banged his head with it! Moe was devastated. These coaches made Moe think twice about playing, they ALMOST took that dream away.

Thank God Moe has a great dad who helped him through this ordeal and let him know that he could either let this experience break him or use the experience to help him be a better player. I'm glad Moe chose the latter.

Since his Freshman year, he developed a thick skin, a tougher attitude, and became a better player every year. All the hard work paid off, Moe got to beat the rival team and prove to them that he's one damn good player! He played extremely well, got a few tackles and showed those coaches that he's not 5th quarter material!

After the Homecoming Game, RM saw Moe's former Freshman Coach talking to a few people he knew. RM approached the Coach, shook his hand and said, "My son used to play to on your team."

The Coach paused, briefly looked away and said, "Yes, I remember."

RM continued to hold his hand in a grip and didn't break eye contact for another second or two before he let the coach go. I believe the coach got the message, don't you think?

Here's Homecoming Weekend highlighted in pictures:

The Bulldog is Folsom High's Mascot. Right before each home game, the cheerleaders or the JV football team line up on each side and...

...cheer the Varsity Players as they run from the inside of the inflatable balloon out to the field, while the school band plays, and the fog machine is cranking away to give that awesome special effect!

It's Friday Night Lights! There were over 4,000 people attending which is pretty much the average size for a home game.

A football game isn't complete without it's cheerleaders. I'm glad I don't have a daughter on the Cheerleading team because the flips they do in mid air makes you hold your breath! My stomach can't handle worrying about two kids

I love school bands and Folsom High's band is great! There's over 100 kids on the band, flag girls and the jazz band plays on the sidelines. Together it makes for an awesome half time show! When you're at our home games, you truly feel like you're watching a college game.

My stomach is always in knots the day before a game and when it's game time, I'm a nervous wreck. There are all types of thoughts running through my head... "I hope he doesn't get hurt." "Please let him make a good play." "Why isn't the coach giving him a break?" "Why are they hitting him so hard?!!" (I guess I should be worried about the other guy that Moe's tackling!) During half time I knew their team was winning and I was finally able to relax and enjoy the game.
The final score 54-33. Moe's team rocked!

Remember Moe's
dilemma? He asked one of his good friends instead of asking a girl he really liked. The reason? He felt he would be able to relax more and be himself rather than trying to impress a girl that he liked. Moe was right, he had a great time!

One of the reasons he had a great time....he went with a group of friends to dinner and the dance, so he never ran short of dancing partners!

So far Moe's Senior year has been great. He's stayed healthy and injury free. He's having a great football season and he's made some really good friends both on and off the field. And that makes me happy.


Kristina P. said...

That's a group of really good looking kids!

Yaya said...

That's a sad freshman football story. I'm glad he was able to bounce back and prove people wrong!

He looks so cute!!

Tammy said...

My husband was treated the same way by his freshman coach...he never played again. Way to go Moe for sticking with something he loves!!!! Reminds me of fridays nights here. I'm glad RM reminded the coach what an idiot he was.

Heatherlyn said...

That's great that Moe kept playing. One of life's most difficult trials is being treated as far less than we are and it sounds like he worked through it to a beautiful victory. I will never understand how coaches like his freshman coach think!

I think a lot of young men go for the woman that they feel most comfortable around as opposed to the one that they "like" the most. I'm glad he had a great time!

Wendy said...

cool story! never give up! love the pics. looks like a really good time at the football game. that is awesome! congrats to moe on a great game!

septembermom said...

Good for Moe! He is going to gain so much from his football years: perseverance, determination, and of course, fun. Love the photos. Looks like a fun day!

mother goose said...

way to go moe! I love what RM did, very subtle but pointed.

Stephanie said...

I can just see & hear RM now talking to that freshman coach! I bet that felt great! Great pics of Moe too!

wendy said...

I LOVE this story. 5th quarter my ass. Remember, I can relate --after raising 4 sons who all played football (one was exceptional and received a scholarshipt to what was then Ricks College) and having once been married to a high school football coach I KNOW ABOUT ALLLLLLL THAT STUFF. As a mom we live and breath those games with our kids eh. And when they do well it is the neatest things EVah.
I love that your hubby took the former coach in a "death grip" and totally eyeballed him down. That is so cool.
I am glad Moe took a "friend" He needs to just have fun with NO pressure.
I am so stinking HAPPY for Moe I could just freaking spike a football.

Life with Kaishon said...

I just love this post so much. And dislike that coach so much. Who does that.... Who? And these people actually work with our children? That is sick! Moe looks great and I am so glad he had a wonderful time : ) Fantastic!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

It's so much more fun when you can enjoy the time out at the dance instead of being nervous about saying the right things. Looks like a fun time!