Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas Morning

Most kids have to wake up their parents to start opening their gifts-not at our home. Moe has never been a morning person, so for many years on Christmas morning, we would have to wait for Moe to wake up.

This Christmas morning, we decided to let Moe sleep in while RM and I went out for chocolate croissants and hot eggnog (taste even better hot!).

We came back home and Moe was seated on the couch wide awake, showered, and ready to open his presents.

Since Moe is our only child, it's hard not to indulge him on Christmas. So this year, I decided we should limit his presents and get him only 1 present from each category:

1. Want
2. Need
3. Wear
4. Read

Well...we did stick to those categories, but it was so hard to stick to buying only one item! (You don't have to wait until next Christmas to use this idea, you can also use it towards your child's birthday. For more information, click here.)

We open our Stockings first and then Moe is first to open his presents. RM was especially excited about getting this particular present for Moe.

Every boy needs a huge remote control car and every father has to play with it too!

Moe and RM were disappointed that they had to wait 8 hours for the battery to charge, so as soon as the battery was ready, they went outside and played.

Poor RM had to wait awhile until Moe was finished playing. He's seriously considering buying his own remote control car.

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