Thursday, March 4, 2010

Childhood Friends by Moe: Part 2

(written at age 13)

Everyone has a childhood friend, but in my case, I have many friends. Friends are people who call each other when someone is sick. A friend is someone that sticks up for you if you're getting bullied. A friend is someone who is nice to you, no matter what situation.

For me, my first best friend was in Pre-school. His name was Ryan. Ryan and I would have a play date at each other houses almost every week. We would play action figures and video games.

In kindergarten and first grade my best friend was Zade. He loved sports, and I loved sports too. I guess that's why we became friends. When we would go to each other's houses, we would just play sports all day.

In second and third grade, I was best friends with Mickey. That guy was so funny. He and I would make each other laugh so much, it would hurt.

(Moe and Adam)
In fourth and fifth grade, I was best friends with Aliki, Kyle, and Adam. We would all just hang out and go to the movies.

(James, Moe, Kyle)

Then once I got to middle school, I became very lucky. I had four best friends.

Their names are David C, Kyle, James and Adam. My parents called us the "four amigos". We would go to the movies, walk to Nob HIll, rent movies, and last but not least, play video games. What was cool was that two of my best friends live across the street.

You do not need to have only one best friend, you can have many. I became very lucky because I had a lot of friends.

Note from H.K- I only posted pics of Moe's friends from middle school because it was then, that he started to realize the true meaning of friendships. The last two pictures were taken at our home. We were getting ready to move and we had a goodbye pizza party. His friends were great- they gave him cards, gifts, and when it was time to say goodbye, there were also tears.

Moe has developed other close friends since then, his only contact with these boys are through Facebook and has remained good friends with only one.

But, no matter how many friends Moe makes over the years, you never forget your childhood friends.


septembermom said...

Moe clearly knows how to be a good friend. Another well written piece.

mother goose said...

this is so true! This post has actually brought me to tears as my daughters have left their long childhood friends of 12 years.

My daughter who is a sophomore has my heart pulled. Yesterday was her first day of school and she was so excited but when I picked her up from the end of the day she entered the car, barely keeping it together and then just broke down and my heart broke with her.
Moving is hard but entering high school at the end of the year is so hard too. She needs a friend. She needs many friends.
She is so torn with missing her old friends and I am truly grateful for facebook, because it has kept relationships going and allowing us to stay in touch with even my childhood friends! Moe is such a great kid! I wish he was at the same school as my daughter! Can you please move?

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love the pictures! Moe's writing is so tender. It's really fun to read these little "blasts from the past."

Heatherlyn said...

Good friends make such a big difference. As parents, we hope that friends aren't as important to our kids as they really are. So, realistically, we can mainly only pray that they will find really good friends. I love it that Moe has some. It's a HUGE deal to have wonderful friends!

wendy said...

That was fun to read. Childhood friends provide good memories (I hope) and helped shape us in many ways I think.
That picture of them all wrestling on the floor was fun
BOYS --they are so rowdy eh.

Lisa said...

What a sweet post!